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a friendly and supportive community for pregnant women
Welcome to allpregnancy !!!

Community description
The all pregnancy community is a drama-free, supportive, and friendly community for women who are pregnant to discuss everything and anything about pregnancy. All pregnant women are welcome to join -- from every country, every race and nationality, every religion, and no matter how old you are or how young you may be. All topics related to pregnancy, children, parenting, or childcare are fair game here.

This community has a few rules and recommendations:
  • RULE #1: After you join, fill out the new member survey and introduce yourself
    1. Name or nickname?
    2. Date you are expecting?
    3. What was your reaction when you found out?
    4. How long did it take you to conceive?
    5. First baby or second or third etc?
    6. What are your thoughts about being pregnant and/or becoming a mom?
    7. Any other personal info you'd like to share? For example, your age, location, or marital status?
    8. Any other things about your situation or yourself that you'd like to share or that you think we should know?

  • RULE #2: Always be kind, helpful, supportive, and respectful towards other members
    This is a place where people can go for support and help, so offer a kind word to your other members and give them help if you can.
    Feel free to share your latest news and events, ask for advice, give advice, or just cheer others on. Hopefully we can get to know each other well, and share the experience of becoming a mom or becoming a mom again to a new little boy or a new little girl.

  • RULE #3: No profanity or rudeness
    Do NOT call another member a derogatory name, insult someone's intelligence, be judgemental, or rude. NO profanity. Always respond to posters with kindness and respect.

  • RULE #4: Give and receive advice constructively
    If you ask for advice, be aware that you may get advice that differs from what you want to hear. Conversely, if you give advice, please be aware that your advice may not be received the way you want it to. Even if you don't explicitly ask for advice, you may receive it. This advice should be given constructively. If you don't like the advice or any comments you receive, ignore it.

  • RULE #5: Limit advertisements and promotions
    Pregnancy-related advertising is allowed, but only post an ad once every 3 months. Avoid excessive and frequent advertisements.
*NOTE: This community is for support and help, but should never be a substitute for the help of medical professionals. Any posts, links, or other information found in this community should supplement what your doctor or healthcare professionals tell you, and you should always consult your doctor and other healthcare professionals when making decisions.

If you are not pregnant, please do not post here.